Almo Barista Blend + WIDE AWAKE Combo

Almo Barista Blend + WIDE AWAKE Combo

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For those who like it dark. We've paired our WIDE AWAKE blend and Almo's Barista Blend almond milk in a combo to keep you wired. 


Almo Barista Blend - 1L


This coffee celebrates the rich, syrupy body achieved through the darker side of artful roasting—with an extra kick for those times you really need to stay wide awake. The caramelised sugars, molasses, and dark spice offer a comforting and accessible coffee with a bold flavour that can cut through milk-based coffees. Roasted in Melbourne and delivered Australia wide, ST. ALi feels good!

Chocolate | Butterscotch | Praline

COUNTRY: 60% Brazil | 40% Colombia

REGION: Sao Paulo | Huila Department 

CULTIVAR: Red Bourbon | Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

PROCESSING: Natural  | Washed


The new Almo Barista Blend almond milk has been uniquely crafted to compliment every type of coffee. Made from lightly roasted Australian almonds and sweetened with coconut sugar, the Barista Blend provides the perfect balance between taste and texture without overpowering your espresso.

With only five ingredients, Barista Blend is clean and lean. They don’t add any vegetable oils, stabilisers or bulking agents, which makes Almo better tasting and more nutritious. Vegan-friendly, dairy-free, almond milk for the amateur and professional barista.

More almond, less crap. We only use 5 ingredients and don’t add any vegetable oils, stabilisers or bulking agents.

More nutritious and better tasting. We use 100% Australian almonds (lightly roasted) and coconut sugar for that extra sweetness.

Sustainably made. We use the whole almond. No soaking, no sieving, no pulp.


Ingredients: Australian whole roasted almonds (4.2%), Coconut Sugar (2.0%), Calcium Carbonate, Xanthan & Sea Salt