Dexter’s Hot Sauce Six-Pack

Dexter’s Hot Sauce Six-Pack

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Dexter’s Hot Sauce founded by Jackson and Mark in 2020 as a local provider of hot sauce in the town of Kilmore in regional Victoria has the market captured not just for heat but for flavour. Small batch chilli sauce from only the best Australian produce elevates Dexter’s to a whole new world in terms of heat and flavour. It may be small, but it PACKS A HUGE PUNCH.

Taste each one side-by-side with this six-pack and compare.

- No.1 Hickory Smoked Honey Chipotle (heat rating 2/10)
A sweet and smokey sauce with a kick! Enjoy this on pie, chicken, burgers, or anything really!

- No.2 jalapeno & Pineapple (heat rating 2/10)
Tangy and warm, great on tacos, chicken parmas and even on sandwiches. A great multi purpose dipping sauce!

- No.3 sweet and spicy sriracha (heat rating 5/10)
A sweet and spicy sauce sitting as a hybrid between sweet chilli and sriracha! Great with Asian dishes.

- No.4 Habanero & mango (heat rating 7/10)
Bring home the heat! no. 4 features fruity habaneros and fresh mangos, don’t be fooled, this sauce packs a punch. great with fried chicken or use as a cooking sauce.

- No.5 Szechuan & Bhut Jolokia (5/10)
Szechuan & Bhut Jolokia bring the heat alongside subtle caramel tones. Delicious. 

- No.6 Carolina Reaper & Capsicum (heat rating 10/10)
Using the some of the worlds hottest chillis while mellowing out the heat with capsicum allows you to enjoy the taste of a carolina reaper. This sauce is not for the faint of heart, a little goes a long way.