Halo Beriti - Ethiopia Washed

Halo Beriti - Ethiopia Washed

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Coming to you from the birthplace of coffee, the Halo Beriti demonstrates just why this origin is so celebrated by coffee lovers world-wide. This lot comes from the mill, named after the adjacently located Halo Beriti village in the Gedeb region of southern Ethiopia. 550 small holder farmers surrounding the mill bring their medley of Bourbon, Typica and heirloom varietal cherries in for processing — in this case, using the washed method.

On these plots or production gardens, farmers grow avocado, enset, soya beans, and sugar cane besides their coffee trees. Polyculture is the norm in these highlands.

At the station, both natural and washed coffees are processed. For washed coffees, Abeyot uses water from the Worka river. Fermentation time varies between 45 and 65 hours, depending on the weather. The parchment dries for 7 to 10 days.

Grown at a staggering 1900-2300 meters above sea level, the cherries have a slow maturation that results in a truly beautiful cup; honeysuckle aromas that lead into a gentle Lychee flavour, alive with juicy acidity.

ORIGIN: Ethiopia
REGION: Yirgacheffe
ALTITUDE: 1900 to 2300 MASL
FARMER/PRODUCER/MILL: Many Small Lot Holders
FLAVOURS: Fresh Lychees & Jasmine Blossoms