Manos Juntas - Colombia Anaerobic

Manos Juntas - Colombia Anaerobic

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Apple Blossoms & Sugared Strawberries

Production of this coffee is all about the attention to detail. Eight local producers in the Sotara region of Cauca Colombia grow and deliver ripe coffee cherries to the nearby Manos Juntas Micromill for processing. This lot is owned and managed by a local exporter.

This model allows producers to focus on maintaining healthy and sustainable farms, while the meticulous work of sorting, fermentation, pulping, drying and storing is managed by the mill.

The program at Manos Juntas pays its producers upfront at a fixed price, well above market value, which is not the norm. The mill purchases cherries solely from the surrounding farms so that producers are not required to travel a long distances to deliver their cherries, saving on costs.

The coffee cherries go through a Double Anaerobic Fermentation process where the cherries are placed into a sealed bin, where fresh oxygen cannot enter. This slows the fermentation process down, allowing for better utilisation of the sugars during the fermentation process creating a taste profile with delicate acidity, intense fruit flavours, and layers of complexity. 

ORIGIN: Colombia
PROCESS: Anaerobic
VARIETY/CULTIVAR: Striped Red Bourbon
ALTITUDE: 1950 - 2000 MASL
FARMER/PRODUCER/MILL: Many small lot holders
FLAVOURS: Apple Blossoms & Sugared Strawberries