Costa Rica | Sonora Obata - Natural

Costa Rica | Sonora Obata - Natural

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Mulberry Jam + Brown Sugar

COUNTRY: Costa Rica
REGION: Central Valley

Sonora Estate is a world-renowned farm we keep going back to year after year, with a relationship to our green bean buyer, Lucy Ward, going right back to the start to the start of her career. Owned and operated by the father and son duo of Alberto and Diego Guardia, Sonora are naturals at naturals, focusing almost exclusively on this processing style—and they’re damn good at it too.

Obata is a hybrid developed at the IAC (Instituto de Agronomia de Campinas) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, emerging as a prime fighter in the never-ending battle against leaf-rust disease and climate change. There is a long genetic history behind Obata, beginning with the original Timor hybrid, a natural and spontaneous hybrid, and finally leading to Obata. This cross is around 95% Arabica, with the remaining 5% Robusta (though you can’t even notice it!). This kind of genetic work can take decades—in this case, 35 years—but is so important to ensuring a future for coffee with the challenges ahead for our industry.

Sonara Estate have earned a stunning reputation through skilled specialisation in honey and natural processes. This coffee is another incredible example of that skill, oozing Mulberry jam and brown sugar sweetness.