Once in a while, the heavens open up and we're treated to something special. Feels Good Gesha is the result of one of those perfect moments.

While visiting Panama on a green bean sourcing trip we had a moment. Standing on the top of the mountain overlooking Finca Hartmann, just as the rain had stopped falling, a double rainbow appeared stretching across the valley. The coffees we cupped here were not only out of this world good, but we're also giving everyone a chance to bring that Feels Good vibe back into the community.

We're very excited to release this coffee in connection with Pride Month and the team at Minus18. This is a rare and exciting coffee with $5 from each coffee pack sold, as well as all proceeds from limited edition pins and stickers, going to support the Minus18 Queer Formal. 

The Queer Formal is a night for 500 LGBTIQ+ youth to attend a queer-inclusive and life-affirming event. It’s more than just a night of incredible music, artists, dancing and celebration—for most LGBTIQ+ youth, it’s the one night of the year where they take their partner of choice, wear the clothes they feel most comfortable in, and just be themselves. ST. ALi's support for the Minus18 Queer Formal will help deliver more than 200 tickets for free to young people all around Sydney.

Minus18, Australia's national organisation for LGBTIQ youth. Minus18 is Australia's national organisation for LGBTIQ youth, helping young people smashing homophobia. biphobia and transphobia through events, resources and workshops. Minus18 hosted the Queer Formal for 500 youth earlier this year in Melbourne, and they're now looking to bring the event back to Sydney and Adelaide in 2019. Since 2010, over 5,000 young people have attended the Queer Formal across Australia.

We're really excited to support such a great cause matched to such exceptional coffees. The three coffees we've bought back from Panama are unlike anything you've ever tried before. Bursting with complex fruit flavours, they are the epitome of elegance and class. These could very well be the best coffees we've had the pleasure of showcasing—and damn it feels good. 

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