When it comes to specialty coffee ST. ALi was one of the first, one of the pioneers; the ones who defined specialty coffee in Melbourne; and the ones who continue to push boundaries forward. Found down a back alley you have to know where to go to get to, since inception ST. ALi has been an industry leader in direct relationships with farmers, in-house roasting, expert coffee brewing, with a best-in-category food offering. We’re a stand-alone brand, unique, focused—and hard to replicate.  

While our spiritual home will forever be our laneway roots in South Melbourne, we also own and run ST. ALi at Melbourne International Airport. We’ve partnered with Mercedes-Benz to open their Australia first 'Mercedes Me' concept store in Collins Street, and in 2015 expanded into the international market, opening a sister ST. ALi in Jakarta.

ST. ALi derives its name from Ali ibn Umar al-Shadhili, a fourteenth-century Sufi cleric from the mystical Sufism branch of Islam. Al-Shadhili spent time in the court of the sultanate in Southern Ethiopia, where he learned of a strange berry that promoted wakefulness, which he took back with him to Yemen. As Yemen is generally recognised to have introduced coffee to the rest of the world, he is now considered to be the patron saint of coffee.

As the innovative leader of ST. ALi, disruptive entrepreneur Salvatore Malatesta has established a fresh and visionary focus on branding, accessible customer education, and a world-class coffee offering that is relevant, sincere—and always a little rock and roll.