Like all things new and exciting, it started with an idea. That idea was that Brazil could produce coffee that is bright, refined, and full of flavour.

This idea came to the team at Carmo Coffee five years ago while on tour visiting the world’s best coffee farms. Frustrated with the reputation that Brazil only produced coffee that tasted like chocolate and nuts, the Carmo coffee team came back from their trip resolved to change this perception and the New Flavours Project was born.

The first step was to figure out what Brazilian coffee farmers were doing wrong. After seeing what the rest of the world was doing, the most obvious thing that needed to change was the fermentation of the coffee after it had been harvested.

The Carmo coffee team set out once more to visit as many countries and coffee farms as they could. On this journey, the team would study different techniques used by coffee producers and would take these techniques back to Brazil to start their experimentation.

In 2015 they took out second place in the coverted Cup of Excellence. It was the validation they needed that their work was making a difference to overall quality.

Since this time Carmo have selected a number of farms to work with that are open to experimentation and have ideal conditions. They have also begun implementing a new phase of the project; introducing varieties that are not common in the Brazillian landscape.

This is an exciting new era of Brazilian coffee and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the New Flavours Project.

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