Sterling you’ve been Sterling, but Wide Awake is now the Yin to our Feels Good Yang.

Sterling you’ve been Sterling, but Wide Awake is now the Yin to our Feels Good Yang.

After a considerable amount of thought, we've made the decision to phase out Sterling as a blend, ceasing production on the 1st of April. At the same time, we're really excited to introduce Wide Awake as a new blend in the ST. ALi stable of offerings.

Some of you have already made the switch and are enjoying Wide Awake, but for those who haven’t we wanted to take the time and explain our reasoning for discontinuing Sterling, while also letting you know why we're excited for our new Wide Awake blend.

Around this time last year we launched Feels Good as our new 100% organic blend. This filled a need we had for a seasonal, fruit-driven, specialty blend—articulating the original goals of Sterling as a blend, in addition to being sustainable and organic. Feedback has been fantastic and Feels Good is here to stay.

Sterling has been a star player in our lineup for a number of years, but with the addition of Feels Good, Sterling now stands pretty close to Orthodox in terms of flavour and overall positioning. Both are and remain fantastic blends on their own, but our new Wide Awake blend offers us an opportunity, separate from Sterling, to clearly differentiate itself from Orthodox and Feels Good.

Wide Awake is a rich, dark, and sweet blend, and for those coffee drinkers who value strength that cuts through milk, this is the money shot. It’s a coffee that for some of our customers offers a more familiar entry to the ST. ALi range of coffees, and is the closest we offer to a traditional dark roast. Wide Awake pitches flavours of caramelised sugars, molasses, and dark spice, and for us celebrates the darker side of specialty roasting.

This leads to three distinct blends from ST. ALi representing styles and flavours that appeal to a broad spectrum of coffee drinkers. Wide Awake is the yin to the Feels Good yang, providing a perfect counterpoint to the fruit-driven style of our organic blend. At the same time, the darker aspects of the roast take the milk chocolate and fudge tones of our Orthodox blend, enriching them further with spice and caramelised flavours. Regardless, the profile is consistent all year round with our blends—and always tasty af.