Marawaka Women's Coffee Project

Marawaka Women's Coffee Project

Papua New Guinea

Marawaka Women's Coffee Project

A group of young entrepreneurial women makes up the Marawaka Project, which represents their first attempt to present quality coffee to the world. Coming from a remote and rugged region in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, they face considerable restraints in market access, along with sub-optimal tools for processing coffee. Coming from a region connected to the world by only a few bush trails and mountain tracks, to get coffee out through the jungle it has to be carried bag by bag in an epic three-day hike, or otherwise chartered out by plane.

Most coffee buyers don't buy coffee from the region because of the near impossible restraints in getting the goods out from the mountains. But the Marawaka Women's Group have banded together against all odds to tackle their obvious access to market restraint and present a phenomenal coffee for you to try. 


Region: Marawaka, Obura-Woninara District, Eastern Highlands

Producers: Marawaka Coffee Female Group

MASL: 1700 - 2000

Variety: Arusha

Process: Hand pulped by stone, fermented in small vats, carried to the river in traditional bags called 'bilums', washed in the river, dried on raised Pandanus mats.

Our Score: 88.5 points

Tastes Like: Lemon Iced Tea. White Grape. Jasmine.

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