Our family catch up began like any good reunion, over food. It continued over food and ended over food. ST. ALi Jakarta showed us where it was at over breakfast (ALi's specials menu was fantastic) and it continued from there. What started as a visit turned into an eating tour of Jakarta and the three of us from Melbourne were not disappointed. Victoria can boast a great many food and hospitality delights but you can't get chocolate & cheese martabak (one of those 'don't knock it til you try it' scenarios) from the side of the road and we are worse for it.

The whole Indonesian branch of the ST. ALi family tree is made up of the most generous folks around and they are giving their all to carry the Melbourne specialty coffee torch. Every single iced latte tasted like home. In the unrelating heat of April in Jakarta we downed a fair few lattes which of course fuelled a late night, marathon, karaoke session. Three hours of early 00s hits that bridge every international and family divide.

Leaving wiped clean Nasi Padang plates in our wake and with MCR stuck in our heads we can't wait for round two. ST. ALi Jakarta most definitely feels good.