Join us for the official ST. ALi Bali opening party ft. an art exhibition curated by Further Hotel. 

Drinks include: all the usual suspects, plus a couple of ST. ALi signatures.

Snacks include: outtakes from the menu to give you a taste of what’s to come.

Vibes include: a DJ and endless hospitality. 

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Featured Artists:

Alexander Kilian, Alina Vlasova, Andrea Mete, Anna Gornicka, Ben Osborne, Beniamino Barrese, Cara Stricker, Dorota Szulc, Famke Van Hagen, Gabriel Novis, Gerard González Mansilla, Guigo Foggiatto, Hunter Vercoe, Imanuel Togar, Ismail Zaidy, Jonny Watzlawick, Meg Gallagher, Natalie Karpushenko, Soren Molineux, Susan Buth, Zissou, and more.