ST. ALi — Capsule Machine Terms & Conditions

ST. ALi — Capsule Machine Terms & Conditions


  • The Capsule Machine promotion is open to Australian customers with a limit of 1 per household. Eligible customers may not vary the terms of the agreement.

Capsule Machine:


  • The Nespresso EN85WSOLO Essenza Mini Solo Capsule Machine will be supplied during the promotion.
  • You must purchase the Capsule Machine over 12 months which is inclusive within the $60 monthly subscription fee – total cost $720 (inc. GST). If you wish to terminate the subscription prior to the conclusion of the full 12 months a termination fee of $200 (inc. GST) will be charged. The Capsule Machine will remain the property of ST. Ali Pty Ltd until the full subscription is paid, or the early termination fee is paid by the customer at which point ownership will transfer to the customer.


  • The Capsule Machine promotion does include a monthly delivery (12 in total) of ST. ALi Orthodox OR Feels Good OR Wide Awake capsules (60 individual capsules per delivery) over 12 months. Delivery is included within the $60 Monthly Subscription fee. If the customer elects to pay the early termination fee prior to the conclusion of the 12-month subscription, the supply of coffee will be terminated upon notification from the customer.


  • A Direct Debit payment will be processed through Recharge against your selected credit card of $60 per month over a 12-month period – total cost $720 (inc GST), defined as the subscription fee. A $5 administration fee will be a charge for each occurrence of a rejected transaction which may include insufficient funds or card details have changed as the cause of the rejection.