ST. ALi has been around for over a decade and a half, based down a South Melbourne laneway you have to know where to go to find. One of the first specialty coffee focused companies in Melbourne, we started roasting coffee in-store and travelled to origin ourselves, establishing direct relationships with farmers and producers. Now halfway through our second decade, ST. ALi is a well-known and trusted name—for good reason.

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ST. ALi is wholly owned by its employees, and part of its core values is to forever remain independent. There are shareholders across

our business, from senior management to deliveries, green buying, account support, and training.

While we have literally decades of experience working on the frontlines of our cafes and coffee, our people also have broad backgrounds to draw upon. They have degrees covering marketing, behavioural studies, mathematics, media, accounting, arts, and many more. They’ve worked for large multinationals, retail stores, boutique hotels, farms—even video stores. We truly value the diversity of our team, as this only adds further to what we can achieve.

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With sustainably and ethically sourced coffee, we’ve built up a core group of blends representing the best of what we do, while offering the variety our wholesale customers need.

Roasted at our own facility in Melbourne, our blends and range of single origins are accessible, easy to grasp, and always high quality.

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With over 100k followers across IG & Facebook, at ST. ALi we know how to be social and spread the word. From new cafe openings to venue pushes, events or simple shoutouts, we love showing support on social media. We share the spotlight as often as we can too—from high profile collaborations with Mercedes, David Jones, Melbourne Airport, Mr Black, Archie Rose, Starward Whisky, Levis, Luxury Escapes, Lulu Lemon and 2XU to name a few.

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As a coffee company, we care about the coffee producers we deal with every day. We work with partners at origin who focus on sustainable practices, and who have on the ground resources and services available to support their producers. Wherever possible, we deal with the producer directly and agree on the price paid to them—with direct communication and transparency, we can build long-term partnerships. Back home, since 2017 we’ve been sending coffee and packaging waste to Reground, an enterprise that rescues waste from landfill. Our certifications include HACCP and ACO – Organic accreditation. Our partner’s certifications include UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, ISO, and Organic accreditation


Our coffee is roasted, packed, and shipped from our roasting facility to your shelves within a matter of days. Technical support can be over the phone or via video-conference, and we have our own network of professionals in your area to come and visit.

We’re active in most states, with full time ST. ALi representatives in both Sydney and Brisbane. With a finger on the local pulse, they’re there to help bring Melbourne coffee culture to you and adapt to your local markets however needed.


Functional and working machines and grinders are critical to your coffee program. We provide the best in preventative maintenance (but will be there with emergency support when the situation demands) along with technical training and know-how so you can always get the best out of your kit.


At ST. ALi we provide training and education that allows you to produce top-quality coffee every day, promoting best practice and workflows we’ve learned ourselves the hard way. We can create tailored training and education programs to help your team always perform at their peak.


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