When Alan Alder invented the Aeropress, he just wanted a super-easy way of brewing coffee, that was as close to espresso as manual methods would allow. It's doubtful he had in mind World Brewing Championships, literally thousands of brew recipes, or internet forums dedicated to stirring instruments, brew times, or water mineral composition. He’d just invented the Aerobie (literally the best frisbee ever) - he wasn’t aiming big. But here we are, and in amongst those thousands of recipes, at ST. ALi we keep things simple. So here’s the easiest Aeropress recipe you can get, that’s guaranteed to make a delicious cup of coffee for any occasion.

    The French Press is perhaps the easiest brew method out there—it’s basically a soak and sit kinda brew, perfect for when you have a couple of guests around or want to while away a Sunday afternoon.

    All you need is the French Press itself, some delicious ST. ALi coffee (we'd recommend our Orthodox or Italo Disco blend) and some boiling hot water. So plunge in, and learn how to make the most out of French Press coffee.

    Kinto brewing rewards slowing down, relaxing, and taking a deep breath. Don’t rush the preparation and take the time to enjoy the ritual. Call it mindfulness, zen, or relaxation—we just call it super slow coffee letting you take a break from the world in those first few sips.

    To brew a Kinto coffee you’re going to need a Kinto 2-cup brewer, a Kinto carafe (or mug) to brew into, and some paper filters. You’ll also need something to measure out the coffee and water you’ll use (scales are best) and a timer to help with brewing.

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    Moccamaster coffee machines have been around for a while, handmade in The Netherlands with love and care since 1964. This is not your typical American-style drip machine—stylish and classic, these machines are made from only the best quality components and materials, and are now an iconic part of homes and cafes alike. 

    The Moccamaster is perfect for at home or the office, fuelling the family or the whole company. Read on to see how to get the best brew out of your Moccamaster.