When it comes to specialty coffee ST. ALi was one of the first, one of the pioneers; the ones who defined specialty coffee in Melbourne; and the ones who continue to push boundaries forward. Since inception in 2005, ST. ALi has been an industry leader in direct relationships with farmers, in-house roasting, expert coffee brewing, with a best-in-category food offering.

While our spiritual home will forever be our laneway roots in South Melbourne, we've spread our wings pretty far since '05. We're the chosen coffee partner for events big and small, creative collaborators and partners for local and international businesses like Mercedes Benz, Mr Black, Archie Rose, and Koko Black to name a few.

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ST. ALi is wholly owned by its employees, and part of its core values is to forever remain independent. There are shareholders across

our business, from senior management to green buying, delivery driver, account support, and training.

While we have literally decades of experience working on the frontlines of our cafes and coffee, our people also have broad backgrounds to draw upon. They have degrees covering marketing, behavioural studies, mathematics, media, accounting, arts, and many more. They’ve worked for large multinationals, retail stores, boutique hotels, farms—even video stores. We truly value the diversity of our team, as this only adds further to what we can achieve.

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You'll find ST. ALi coffee in cafes and restaurants all across the country, at Melbourne International Airport and if you're heading to Indonesia, drop into our sister location in Jakarta for a ST. ALi experience with an Indonesian twist.

All of our coffees are ethically and sustainably sourced, and with them we’ve built up a core group of delicious blends that we've been perfecting since '05. Our ever evolving offering of seasonal single origins highlight the best and most unique coffees from our friends and producers around the globe. 

Roasted at our own facility in Port Melbourne, our coffee is accessible, easy to grasp, and always of the highest quality.

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