Bunos Aires natural 250 gram black and purple bag of coffee

Nicaragua | Buenos Aires Maracaturra - Natural

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This isn't the first coffee we've had from Buenos Aires, and it won't be the last—we can't resist coffee that tastes this good. This is the first of three coffees from the Valladerez family, a natural process Maracaturra, tasting like rockmelon and passionfruit.

The Valladarez family are processing specialists in Nicaragua, focusing on a multitude of coffee varietals and fermentation styles, these methods creating some unique cups of coffee. Behind the operation is the passionate Olman Valladarez, who has won many Cup of Excellence competitions—the latest being in 2023, where he took out both first and second place (with a natural maracaturra not unlike this one). Maracaturra is the pride and joy of Finca Buenos Aires, and it’s a strong representation of the quality from Dipilto, Nueva Segovia.

Maracaturra is a high-yielding Brazilian hybrid of Maragogype and Caturra, its flavour profile including tropical fruits and bright acidity. It produces large-sized beans and leaves, with their Caturra lineage contributing to the coffee’s taste and high yield. It has a short stature and abundant foliage, making it resistant to wind damage, but being very susceptible to coffee leaf rust, it demands a high level of maintenance. Maracaturra is believed to have naturally occurred in the late 1800s and is mainly found in Brazil, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. 

Rockmelon + Passionfruit


COUNTRY: Nicaragua
SUB REGION, REGION: Dipilito, Nueva Segovia
FARM NAME / WET MILL: Buenos Aires 
PRODUCER: Olman Valladerez
VARIETY / CULTIVAR: Maracaturra  
MASL: 1000 - 1750