Ultimate Cold Brew Bundle | ST. ALi

Ultimate Cold Brew Bundle | ST. ALi

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We've packaged our best selling cold brew cans for the ultimate bundle of caffeinated deliciousness. 

Bundle includes:

Oat Milk Latte - 3 Pack

We've taken delicious hot brewed ST. ALi coffee and deliciously creamy Australian oat milk and canned it for your pleasure. 

Chill it down and crack it open, best served on a hot day over ice. 

*Contains caffeine...duh

3 x 250ml cans

Oat Milk (75%)(Water, Ground Australian Oats (9%), Minerals, (Tricalicum Phosphate), Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Sea Salt), ST. ALi Hot Brew Coffee, (25%) (Coffee, Water), Dark Brown Sugar, Preservatives (E234, E202) 

Caffeine Content:
Per 250ml: 130mg

Feels Good Cold Brew -  3 Pack

We've canned our cold brew for the ultimate kick and convenience. Fully organic, our Feels Good Cold Brew is a fresh and juicy can of goodness, ready to fuel your day.

Shelf life is six months from the brew date (found on the bottom of the can).

3 x 250ml cans

Wide Awake Cold Brew - 3 Pack 

Our Wide Awake Cold Brew is a rich and dark can of goodness, ready to keep you recharged and wide awake.

3 x 250ml Cans

Storage Instructions:
Keep refrigerated or in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Cold Brew Coffee 
Preservative E211 (Sodium Benzonate)