Drip Coffee Bags Bundle | ST. ALi

Drip Coffee Bags Bundle | ST. ALi

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Why get one, when you could get both?

ST. ALi Drip Coffee Bags - delicious filter coffee brewed in the time it takes to make an instant.

The ST. ALi Drip Coffee Bags Bundle includes:

1 x box of ST. ALi's Feels Good blend - 7 drip coffee bags

ST. ALi's Feels Good blend is the compilation of everything we've been working on for the last few years. Ethically sourced, skillfully roasted, 100% organic coffee beans and tasty AF! Featuring delicious coffee from Ethiopia and Honduras, this blend sings sweet and light notes of caramel and stone fruit. 

1 x box of ST. ALi Drip Coffee Bags - Ture Waji Majoo - Ethiopia Natural - 7 drip coffee bags

Filled with the always delicious Ture Waji – Majoo, this Natural Ethiopian coffee from the ‘King of Guji’ features a sparkling acidity akin to champagne and lemon zest, the floral brightness of bergamot and lime, the smooth body of white tea and the sweetness of lychee. 

Enjoy at home, in the office, after a surf or away camping. All you’ll need is a mug, some boiling water and a drip bag and you’ll be sipping on some fine filter coffee in no time. 

How to drip:
1: Rip the bag
2: Fold out the handles and slip over the edges of your cup
3: Slowly pour over 200ml of hot water (95C)
4: Dispose of the drip bag and enjoy your brew <3

Each box contains 7x Drip Coffee Bags
77g each box